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Moonlight Mermaid Pearl Necklace

Moonlight Mermaid Pearl Necklace


Genuine Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant Necklace | 14K White Gold | Diamond | Designer Handmade | Natural | Starfish | Moonlight Mermaid

Pearl | Large 12-13mm Exotic Dark Tahitian Pearl

Metal and Finish | Precious 14K White Gold with a Starfish Design

Stone | 0.02 carat Genuine Diamond centre setting


Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls come from the black-lipped oyster grown in French Polynesia and are more valuable than freshwater pearls which are cultivated in much greater quantities. Unlike black freshwater and black akoya pearls, which have been irradiated or dyed, Tahitians come by their dark color naturally and prized for your dark grey color or with green and pink overtones (peacock colored).


As these are all natural pearls, each piece will vary in shape, size, color, inclusion and may not be exact as image shown.


Each piece is unique due to its handmade nature.

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